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My Everlasting Love

You never know what everlasting love is till you truly find someone that makes you feel so deeply loved like never before…. And you love them so deeply in return that you also feel like you could lose them at anytime, and that feeling is the most devastating thing you can imagine. You hope the feeling is mutual, but in many ways you never truly know. And that uncertainty, drives you crazy to point of almost giving up, thinking it was too good to be true. Thus, the ravages and full-circle, mind-blowing tensions of true love. Why does it have to be so hard? Am I making it that way?

Some days it’s strong and unquestionable… Others you wonder if she still does love you or want something else and wonder where you went wrong and what one small thing happened that turned her away. It may be the insecurity causes those thoughts because you don’t want to lose her. Not to a bad habit, mis-perceptions, angered moment, or to a innocent guy that said hello just perfectly and you thought she thought she found someone better.

I just hope she knows my love is so deep, strong, loving and true, that it could be a long time before, if ever, she could find that level so waiting for her again. The desire to do anything for her like I have, to hold her as such a priceless treasure, and love her till her final breath regardless of her imperfections. To me she is perfect….the most beautiful woman in the world, the most intelligent, erotic, sexy, sensual, passionate and amazing woman there is. She’s my everlasting love…. I just hope I’m hers.